Company Introduction

Support ultra precision machining and measure Cooperate with government branch in technical R&D

Production support first production mold core and optical mirror Jig and tool support for ultra precision machining

Technical support ultra
precision machining

Our company consists of a research institute, a production engineering team, a purchasing control team, and a quality control team Performing entire processes of fabricating precision parts including design, modeling, machining, measurement, automatic control and assembly with the skilled technical workforce. Supporting 3-D measurement, product accuracy verification, ultra-precision engineering through research institute spin-off company with Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) Participating in government tasks and registering number of patents through R&D with government agencies.

Ultra Precision Optics department
Fabrication and alignment of opto-mechanics such as lens, housing, reflector and baffle Technical share of Lens molding, ultra precision machining, surface grinding.

Precision parts department
Manufacture precision parts such as micro parts and vacuum chuck
Prototype production and analysis